Keizer Teens Martial Arts, Now Offering In-Person and Virtual Classes!

Get 6 Weeks of Life-Changing, Teens Martial Arts Classes in Keizer ... For Just $69! ($249 Value!)

“I can’t believe the difference.” Our amazing Teens Martial Arts program is now offering virtual and In-Person classes here in Keizer! Boost your child’s focus, respect, confidence, and social skills… while they have FUN.

Everything included:

6 Weeks of Unlimited Classes

($249 Value)

Starter Training Uniform

($59 Value)

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Participate In-Person or From ANY Device!

You can participate In-Person at our studio in Keizer , or you can follow along with our LIVE classes or On-Demand Videos from the safety and comfort of home.

So Much More Than Punches & Kicks. Changes Lives.

Martial arts is not just self defense. It’s a tool we use to help teens become leaders. Hundreds of Keizer parents can’t believe the incredible transformation.

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So Much FUN! While Teaching Respect, Discipline, & Focus.

We don’t have many rules here, but they’re very rigorously enforced. As a result, teens learn and develop strong, healthy boundaries. And boundaries are so essential to helping teens thrive.

Discipline and respect flourish within a few short weeks. This is why Parents LOVE our Teens Martial Arts Program here in Keizer.

Prepares Your Child For Success In Life.

Teens who train martial arts have a higher success rate in school. Why? Discipline, focus, goal setting, and drive. Martial arts instills these incredible traits in your child, every time they come.

That’s what makes our  Keizer Teens Martial Arts Classes so Powerful.

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Get 6 Weeks of Life-Changing, Teens Martial Arts Classes in Keizer ... For Just $69! ($249 Value!)

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"Master Clues is great and they have a great teaching staff."

"We love ATA Martial Arts Keizer! Very family oriented and fun for all ages. Highly recommend!"

"Dedicated staff and strong life skills culture. Best weapons school in the valley."

"They genuinely care about the students. If you live in the Salem area, this is the place to learn martial arts."

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about our Teens Martial Arts Program

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes you can do sport in!  Not really suitable to practice kicks in a skirt.😳

Be sure to bring a water bottle to your martial arts classes.  You will find ATA Martial Arts have martial arts classes for kids and adults that are a great workout and lots of fun!  Most students are grinning from ear to ear by the end of the class.  I am sure you will be too!

No, not at all!  We find that people start at varying fitness levels.  But, you will find that you do get fit by doing our Keizer martial arts classes.  Isn’t that the point though? A fun workout that gets results!

Not at all.  In fact, many students starting in our adult martial arts classes would describe themselves like that before they started.  So you will fit right in!

Give yourself some time, and you will be astounded at how much you improve!  You’ll find that our very experienced martial arts Instructors, are trained to keep their teaching simple.  So even the most uncoordinated person will develop ‘ninja-like’ skills!  Come see for yourself!

Yes, our Instructors are very experienced in this new way of learning. We have found students in Keizer and around the country really LOVE our virtual and online classes – as they can keep focused without distractions of other students and recordings can be paused and rewound for additional clarification on techniques.

Depending on your membership, live streaming martial arts lessons and/or OnDemand recorded lessons are a perfect way for kids and adults to learn martial arts in the comfort of your own home. Some people choose a combination of in-person and online/virtual martial arts lessons in the Keizer area. Have a chat with one of our Instructors, to find the best solution for your martial arts journey.

Our technology works with a multitude of devices. Tablets, computers, smart tv’s with internet access, smart phones. Obviously, the bigger the screen, the easier it is to see the Instructor.

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